the world of red bull


the start

The start may well be the most important part of a race. See how Ashley picks her spot and prepares it for maximum traction so she can get out front from the beginning.


the step up

A step up is a jump that's built into a track, and the one they built here is anything but small.


the bowl turn

Ashley makes it look easy, but this is one of the toughest parts of the course. Steep but short, it leaves little margin for error.


the tree berm

A berm is the built-up edge of a corner, and this one is especially deep. Making things even tougher, Ashley has to navigate it at a very high speed.


the whoops

Whoops are a series of moguls that are either man-made or created by the racers. The slightest mistake on any one of them can mean the end of the race.


the helicopter

Getting filmed by a helicopter sounds exciting, but it's also very difficult. As Ashley tries to navigate the course, it's hovering just a few feet above, kicking incredible amounts of dirt and rocks right at her.


the world of ashley fiolek

When you watch Ashley Fiolek dominate a race with a combination of skill and fearlessness, it’s pretty amazing.

It’s even more impressive when you learn that she’s been deaf since birth.

But while being hearing impaired has led Ashley to make certain adjustments, it’s never held her back. Since turning pro in 2008, Ashley has racked up a list of victories and championships that make her the most dominant force in the world of women’s motocross today.

She’s a two-time WMA champion, as well as the youngest ever. A two-time X Games gold medalist in Super X. The first woman to be signed by the Honda Red Bull Racing Team or featured on the cover of Transworld Motocross magazine.

And while her victories on the track have won her admiration in the motocross community, her sunny disposition and friendly personality have won her legions of fans.

With all that she’s achieved in the world of motocross, Ashley can already claim an impressive career. But for her, it’s only the beginning.

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