Fixed-gear bicycle on the streets of Chicago Chris Serafino

Fixed-gear bicycles have become a staple in our urban landscapes, and thanks to the likes of retailers such as Wal-Mart, they’ve reached the farthest posts of our nation.

A fixie is a bicycle in its purest, simplest form -- no gears and sometimes no brakes. Often considered the ultimate marriage between man and machine, a sub-twenty-pound piece of machinery is the only thing separating your body from the hard concrete.

These bikes were originally designed for the track, raced around velodromes in the Olympics. Its use changed dramatically when messengers in urban hubs such as New York City and San Francisco found the fixed-gear bicycle to be their ultimate mode of transportation -- maneuvering in and out of gridlocked traffic, defying the laws of the road in an attempt to deliver packages and letters.

Recently, fixed-gear heads in London participated in Red Bull Mini Drome, a unique event featuring fixed gear bikes and -- you guessed it -- a miniature velodrome. The event inspired us to list the best fixed gear bike videos from America:

10. Keo Curry for DVS Shoes

Being a pioneer in your industry leads to great things such as endorsements. Keo Curry and DVS teamed up to introduce the “KeoRock Milan CT-C Mid” shoe made specifically for riding fixed-gear and in the process cut this dope video promoting their partnership.

9. Council of Doom Teaser Video

The Council of Doom kids helped put Orange County on the fixed-gear map back in 2008 with their full length DVD. The trailer, like the now legendary crew possesses some gutsy riding and freestyle trickery while maintaining a cool So Cal vibe.

8. MASH in Austin with Lance Armstrong

In this short, the guys from MASH packed up their bikes and caught a flight to Austin, Texas. Awaiting their arrival was personal fixed-gear tour guide Lance Armstrong. We get a unique and raw look at just how fast Lance is on two wheels.

7. Fonseca’s Trip to NYC

Chris Fonseca of Fonseca Films is known for profiling some of California’s best riders. In this video Fonseca makes a trip to New York with his camera. It’s a trip so outrageous, that Fonseca and friends found themselves returning a month later for a court date.

6. Massan for Leader Bike

Macaframa’s Massan teamed up with Leader Bike for a promo video that is over two-minutes of classic Massan. Shot entirely on location in San Francisco, the video captures Massan in full effect weaving through traffic and bombing hills.

5. To Live & Ride in L.A. Trailer

Director David Rowe is able to capture a side of Los Angeles few ever get to see in his feature-length documentary To Live & Ride in L.A.

The film showcases local riding talent as well as an appearance from the legendary Keo Curry. The trailer for this film is two-minutes of pure fixed-gear pleasure.

4. Westside Invite Trick Competition (Seattle)

Jacob Ruff, Zach Clausen, Chris Clappe and Keo Curry battle it out at the 2009 Westside Invite Trick Competition in Seattle, Washington.

Keo Curry (shown last) would take home first place with Chris Clappe (shown third) finishing a close second. It’s one of those events you wish you would have attended, luckily someone brought a camera to the party.

3. Grime – 420

Quite possibly the best fixed-gear edit of 2010, this short film shot on 4/20/2010 features the likes of East Coast heavy hitters Wonka LaForte and Mike Schmitt riding through New York City. It’s definitely gritty and grimey.

2. Andy Peterson: MASH DVD

The MASH DVD documentary directed by Michael Martin and Gabe Morford gave people around the globe an inside look at the fixed gear culture in San Francisco.

It’s a DVD so action packed, that any one clip could stand-alone as perhaps the greatest piece of fixed-gear footage ever captured. This clip features nearly four-minutes of complete mayhem from Andy Peterson.

1. Wolfpack’s Second Annual All City Team Race

In a city dominated by the automobile, Wolfpack Hustle remains dedicated to the culture of cycling in Los Angeles. Known around town as the fastest peeps on bikes, they’re also organizers of the annual All City Team Race.

The competition consists of five person teams with a minimum of one fixed-gear rider per team. The race spans from Tang's Donut Shop in Silverlake to Docweiller Beach near LAX. Anything goes and this video is simply nuts.


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