12th Planet performing at Lollapalooza Joshua Hanford/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

“If you read into the 12th planet theory, it’s about this planet that revolves in bielliptical orbit," says John Dadzie, better known as 12th Planet. "Whenever it stumbles into Earth’s orbit, it causes all sorts of chaos -- planets crash into each other, crazy weather becomes normal…”

These are the expectations for 12th Planet’s debut album. Dadzie is tight-lipped on the exact details -- he’s hoping to release it by end of year (tentatively titled “2012”) -- but the whole idea is disrupt the norm with his debut. His album won’t just “drop;” it’ll change the way people interact with electronic music. Genres will collide with each other, the unexpected will be come the understood status quo…

“I might be thinking too big,” says Dadzie, “but I hope it changes the whole world.”

Dadzie’s own world has changed since he recorded some of his earliest material under the 12th Planet moniker at Red Bull Studios. He was raised on hip-hop, deep house and surf punk in south Los Angeles. Now, he’ll bring those odd combinations to life under his distinct blend of dubstep as direct support on Skrillex’s massive “Mothership” tour, hitting 45 states in 49 days starting this September.

To say that Dadzie was warmed up for his set at Lollapalooza this year is an understatement. The night before, he performed to a sold-out Logan Square Auditorium. He brought that energy to thousands of afternoon patrons at Perry’s Stage, leaping on top of his decks within minutes of cracking open his set. Dadzie wasn’t shy about dropping new material -- a handful of unheard melodic, 8-bit bangers were revealed (possible album fodder?) -- as well as his popular remix of Little Jinder’s “Youth Blood.”

When Dadzie first set foot on the Lollapalooza grounds, he told us that it was “way crazier than [he] expected.” And the young dubstep wizard made sure everyone in the crowd knew he had nothing but respect for the fest and its fans by bringing one of the most unexpected surprises to the stage this past Sunday. Expect many great things from this young DJ and producer in the very near future.

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