Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

17 year old Nico Kaml from Berlin, was crowned King of Germany

Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 - Bamberg Lorenz Holder/Red Bull Content Pool

1000 fanatic Streetball fans celebrated the winner of Red Bull King of the Rock Germany. 17 year old Nico Kaml from Berlin, was crowned King of Germany and is rewarded with the "maximum penalty", a transfer to the world finals on Alcatraz.

Not only were the 40 degree temperatures in the old post office building in Bamberg feeling extreme, but the level of the 32 Street Ballers was at an incredibly high level. Hart was already in the preliminaries because of the counterparty to it all, for each of the first of the eight preliminary groups qualified for the finals. "It's incredible what the guys show here. Basketball has its origin on the asphalt. Here they learn the importance of one on one basketball. And with dirt and sweat on his face, that's streetball at its best, "concluded Carsten Tadda, player of the Brose Baskets Bamberg from the first round.

Fueled by moderator Amiaz and the finest hip-hop tracks from DJ Ron the players fought the bitter opponent attacks, spectacular layups, solid blocks and tricky moves. The streetball players were not squeamish, so every game was close to a showdown. Only the first quarterfinal went into overtime twice. The shooter had four personal fouls just and once led a triple in the final seconds for a decision.

Kami, at 17-years-old so far is the youngest Red Bull-King-of-the-rock-winner. "The feeling was indescribable when I realized that I get to fly to San Francisco, to Alcatraz, to represent Germany at Red Bull King of the Rock. Especially because I may be the youngest of all participants there. I will try my best to be King of the Rock.” He took the basketball net of the final basket with him as a trophy.

After the award ceremony the hip-hop live act eljot Quent played the official event track "Red Bull King of the Rock," and the walls of the old postal hall began to quake. Players and fans celebrated late into the night.

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