Red Bull Racing Running Showcar in Canada 2010 Red Bull Media House

Over the years, Red Bull Racing has taken its F1 Showcar to the four corners of the world, from Moscow to Austin. Last week, the team was in New York City for a video that will drop sometime next week. Can't wait? Enjoy some of our favorite moments over the years.

F1 on Ice

To celebrate the return of the Canadian Grand Prix in 2010 (after a two-year absence) the team brought the F1 Showcar to a frozen lake in northern Quebec. Check out the, um, slick video.


Tom Cruise Test Drive

Who needs a stunt driver? The "Mission Impossible" star took a break from production to drive the F1 car in Southern California -- reaching a speed of 181 mph!


The Kardung Pass in India

At 18,000 feet, the Kardung Pass in India is the highest driveable road in the world -- although it's optimistic to call the gravel path a "road."


On the Beach

It will be a while before Formula One hits the Dominican Republic, but that didn't stop the team from bringing a showcar to Jumilla-Cap Cana Beach.


Messin' With Texas

After Austin was announced as the next host for the US Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing became the first F1 team to check out the new location. Pardon our dust.


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