5 odd reasons to see Friends With Kids

Despite the fact that we’re nearly fed up with the rom com genre, here are 5 odd reasons why we’ll see Jennifer Westfeldt’s latest flick Friends with Kids.

We can only take so much bulging penis

Yes, the state of the movie industry –as it currently stands –is inundated with grown men squeezed into under sized spandex and we’re so over it we’ll see pretty much anything else. So, when the studios (in some par-baked attempt to create the illusion of “balance”) churn out one nondescript rom com after another, we are more than willing to shell out the 12 bucks for a ticket only to return home annoyed at having spent another hour and 25 minutes watching some over paid actor vacantly recite a predictably plotted script.

Jennifer Westfeldt: Our Movie Hero

Well, fortunately for us, writer, director, star and savior, Jennifer Westfeldt’s latest flick is about to impart a welcomed respite from cookie cutter rom coms everywhere. With an absurd ensemble cast at its back, Friends With Kids tells the story of two friends who decide to surpass the stress of marriage by engaging in a platonic co-habitation venture where they’ll foster a child while both continuing their respective dating lives.

Our Final Pitch

But we don’t expect a brief synopsis and a 3-minute trailer to convince you… after all, you’ve been abused and it’s going to be a long road to recovery. So, here are 5 reasons why we think this movie is your first step in the healing process.

5 Odd Reasons to See Friends With Kids

1. Because chances are good it’s the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Bridesmaids 2.

Yes, unfortunately Wiig has said that she has little interest in writing a sequel at the moment so Friends With Kids may damn near be as close as your going to get to taking another hit off of the “good looking people in their mid 30’s bantering about raunchy nonsense” crack pipe. Sure, Westfeldt had nothing to do with Bridesmaids but if you think for one moment that a movie starring 50% of the cast (Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd) is not going to at least be somewhat of a nod to the former, you don’t deserve to see it anyway.

2. Because this irking familiar plot deserves a shot at redemption.

Truth is, we've seen this story in one of its various forms at some point or another... Whether that be the frizzy haired red headed woman and the gay guy (in that one show about gay guys and red headed women) or the latest flop from Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, The Switch, that thrusts two characters into a similar situation when a drunken and jealous best friend makes a questionable decision at an "insemination party." The point is, we're more than ready for a fresh perspective on an abused and overwrought storyline. We think this might be the rejuvenation we’ve been waiting for.

3. Because it was a film that we imagine fell together via guilt, malicious conniving and bribery... Which we fully endorse.

Do you know how difficult it is to put together an ensemble cast like this for less than $10 million budget? We're not trying to defend the high and mighty or anything, but we can’t imagine that these people are getting paid the big bucks. Squeezing between Hamm’s shooting schedule for the 4th and 5th seasons of “Mad Men” and Scott’s full time “Parks and Recreation” gig is tough enough as it is, not to mention Roudolph's NBC sitcom "Up All Night" and Wiig’s never ending foray on “SNL”. And on top of all of that... It's not like this is a Sorkin flick, Westfeldt's best known credit is as co-writer to some random 2001 romantic comedy called Kissing Jessica Stein. Something fishy is going on here.

Turns out, the premise for this movie developed organically as Hamm and Westfldt (long time lovers/friends/pals) began to slowly notice that they were losing their besties to spouses and children year after year -the last of which was Adam Scott who pleads guilty as charged to becoming an absentee friend to the couple.

Our theory is that Westfeldt and Hamm played the guilt card to rally this amazing cast of their closest friends and we fully support bribery, the silent treatment and/or passive aggressive Post-it Notes to get what we want.

4. Because it’s our first chance to prove to our lady friends that we like Megan Fox for more than her absolutely bangin’ body.

In fact, we'll even be so bold as to say that this is the first movie she's done that we aren’t expecting to be absolutely horrible. Up until now she hasn’t really done a movie that we can take seriously enough to watch -let alone criticize her performance. Playing the new ladyfriend of Scott’s character, there are no gimmicks or “hot chick caricatures” for her to hide under here. Step forth and be judged Fox, for you shall no longer be allowed to linger in the shadows of babedome!

5. Because as odd a circumstance as the premise of this movie may seem, the internet proves that yet again, no one in this universe is alone.

Say hello to Modamily, a social networking tool that “facilitates introductions between, like-minded aspiring parents committed to partnering in the shared parenting of a child.” Think of it as a sperm-doner site meets OkCupid… and if that doesn’t make sense just take our word for's weird.



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