Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

64 finalists competed for one ticket to World Finals on Alcatraz.

Venue Victor Fraile/Red Bull Content Pool

This is the first time we have had Red Bull King of the Rock in Taiwan. We had 456 participants and over 2,000 spectators watching 8 qualifiers in 3 main cities. There were 64 competitive finalists who advanced to National Final in C.K.S Memorial Hall on August 26th.

Red Bull Branded athlete- Rajon Rondo arrived in Taipei city on August 25 and he quick moved to meet 20 young and elite basketball players from the top teams. He spent one more hour to practice and encourage them as much as possible and then he had a great interview with over 50 local media in the stadium.

64 finalists competed for one ticket to World Finals on Alcatraz. Over 2,800 spectators including youngsters wearing Rondo’s jersey stood and stayed just for the opportunity to see their hero- Rajon.

When Rajon appeared before the semi- finals, he walked to fans around the court and shook hands with as many fans as he could. He then shot hoops and presented 5 autographed jerseys to his lucky fans. His charming smile and kindness did make the crowd go crazy!

Ku Zen-Chei from NTNU, defeated his opponent in overtime and got the trophy from Rajon. He will represent Taiwan and will join the National Finals in September.

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