Adam Aloise, turndown Kevin McAvoy/Red Bull Photofiles

It was an early call today in Chicago, as riders were on course for the Red Bull Stomping Ground qualifying round by 10 a.m., ready to battle it out for the coveted transfer spots into this evening’s final round.

The energy level was high, with everyone eager to put some big tricks down while there was a break in the weather. The skies slowly darkened throughout the run of 26 competitors through the course, and as the last rider finished his run, the order came for the tarps to come out. Everyone pounced on the course and had it covered top-to-bottom in minutes, just in time for a quick rain shower.

Before the skies opened up, Adam Aloise impressed the judges enough to take the top qualifying spot, kicking off with a truckdriver transfer and following with a 360 tailwhip, a double tailwhip and a wallride to barspin at the end of the course.

Drew Bezanson was another standout, throwing a 360 tailwhip transfer and a cannonball, and was the only rider to hit an icepick to barspin on the vert wall. Ben Voyles landed in the third transfer spot with a huge superman seatgrab, a stretched no-footed can-can and a barspin superman seatgrab.

Final goes down later today, pending weather conditions…

Qualifier Results
1. Adam Aloise
2. Drew Bezanson
3. Ben Voyles
4. Ronnie Napolitan
5. Clint Reynolds
6. Scotty Cranmer
7. Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin
8. Colton Satterfield
9. Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz (tie)
9. Nate Berkheimer (tie) 

null Marv Watson/Red Bull Photofiles


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