Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

As the rain was getting heavier the tension in the court grew bigger.

Mantas Kibildis - Winner Irmantas Gel≈´nas/Red Bull Content Pool

Rainy Saturday evening at an iconic location, old Vilnius Sports hall, was the time and place to host the finals of Red Bull King of the Rock 2012. Bad weather conditions didn’t scare the crowd cheering with applause they came to support the players fighting for the grand prize, a trip to the World Finals on Alcatraz.

The best players from three of the biggest cities in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda), came to the final in Vilnius to show the best they’ve got. Last years winner Dainius Novickas, who already had a chance to show his skills in Alcatraz, didn’t make to the final Top 4 and left the game after the Top 8.

As the rain was getting heavier the tension in the court grew bigger. The Top 4 players happened to be really strong competitors, they were wet, tired but full of passion for the game. In the end there is just one man standing, and that man was Mantas Kibildis. After winning six fights in a row he got the chance to represent Lithuania amongst the best players in the world.

Lithuanians will keep their fingers crossed for the World Finals! We’ll see who is going to be the last one standing on Alcatraz.

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