Red Bulletin Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is to magazines what the bonus section is to DVD. This new technology makes The Red Bulletin come alive on your computer screen. Prepare to be amazed!

The new issue of The Red Bulletin can connect to the internet to provide a new reading experience, incorporating film, sound and animation. It's called Red Bulletin Print 2.0.

Just by holding the magazine in front of a webcam, additional content will appear projected onto the magazine, accompanying the story.

The Augmented Reality concept itself is not new, but has required lots of equipment and software in the past. But we've made it easy for you: all you need is a webcam, a web browser and – of course – the magazine.

If you don't have the latest issue yet, head to the Red Bulletin page to download and print a copy.

Then check out this video that tells you what Augmented Reality is all about and how to get started!


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