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July 17, 2010 – (Woodward, PA) – Against the backdrop of rural Pennsylvania and the camp that has built many athletes’ careers, Orlando’s Bert Wootton dominated against a field of 23 other skateboarders from around the country at the Red Bull Manny Mania U.S. National Final at Camp Woodward. He skated his way to his own dream – a ticket to New York and the Red Bull Manny Mania AM World Final. 

The young Woodward campers were treated to a two wheel show down, as Wootton proved himself worthy of the title and a ticket to the Big Apple. He had to fight off strong competition from Southern California’s Justin Schulte and D.C.’s Justin Damer in the finals on a custom built manny pad that allowed for creative lines and endless combinations. The field was made from winners of 14 local qualifiers around the country and a select group of wild cards. Wootton won the Orlando stop earlier this summer.

Perhaps it’s a bit ironic that in the heart of Amish country, it’s the skaters who displayed the most tech that wowed the judges. Jack Baird, a judge who works at Woodward, was impressed with Wootton all day, “He killed it throughout the whole time, he was doing awesome tricks, cool combos that none of the other guys were doing.” Wootton’s originality, like utilizing the entire course including the bar and  pyramid – with a feeble up to manual down, or sliding up and nose manual down, also impressed judge and manual master Joey Brezinski. “He definitely earned it,” said Brezinski, who conceived the event and won the first Manny Mania Pro in 2007. The trick of the day came from Rhode Island’s Ryan Stiffler - a kickflip nose wheelie nollie 3 flip out – proving that these amateur skaters have big league tricks.

Wootton’s path to the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final crosses some of his more favorite and familiar spots – he was formally a counselor at Camp Woodward, and then there is New York – “my favorite place to skate. It’s the first destination on any trip.” He can serve as a tour guide to the national winners from 31 other countries around the world on August 21, 2010 as they join him underneath the Manhattan Bridge in the World Final. Wootton will skate for the U.S. carrying the hopes of world domination on his back wheels against skaters from every continent (except Antarctica). The winner of the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final gets a single, coveted spot in the Red Bull Manny Mania Pro contest, held on Sunday, August 22nd.

Wootton knows winning won’t be easy, “I have to go against all the international dudes – I’m pretty nervous for that one.” But with his undisputed victory at the U.S. national final, he’s got a strong chance to show the world what manual skateboarding is all about.

Red Bull Manny Mania U.S AM Final Top 10:
1        Bert        Wootton (Chuluota, FL)
2        Justin         Schulte (Simi Valley, CA)
3        Justin        Damer (Washington, DC)
4        Ryan        Stiffler (Providence, RI)
5        Danny        Souk (Salt Lake City, UT)
6        Cody        Cepeda (Croswell, MI)
7        Brad        Cromer (Jupiter, FL)
8        Ben        Fisher (Long Beach, CA)
9        Timmy        Johnson (Chicago, IL)
10        Manny        Rangel (Woodward, PA)


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