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When we last saw British BMX vert and street specialist Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep, he was tearing up the Deep South in the Red Bull Ride & Seek series. This week, Keep has re-emerged in Los Angeles, where he will compete in the Summer X Games. We caught up with him after a recent practice session to talk about being in L.A., his amazing trick rate and what's on his X Games playlist.

The X Games 18 park set-up seems to give a great deal of scope for some pretty innovative lines and tricks. Are you excited to ride the course and do you have any tricks up your sleeve for the comp?

Yeah, the course is really good, it's big fast and scary, which is how I like it. I rode practice yesterday and it was really fun. It has a lot of things that enable you to go really high.

You're well known for your trick rate. Having looked at the amazing park set-up, do you think it suits your style of riding?

The course has some big transitions and the huge Red Bull Quarter Pipe that has six feet of vert on, and I've always really enjoyed riding that kind of set up so I'm really excited!

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L.A. is a long way from Hastings, England. How does it feel to have come as far as you have and what do you believe has pushed you to reach the heights you have?

It's really cool being in L.A. this week. It seems like the whole city is waiting in anticipation for X Games, and yes, it feels like a different planet to that of my small hometown Hastings. I had a period where I worried about keeping up with progression and trends. Nowadays I've completely stopped comparing myself to anyone and now can just focus on enjoying what I do and riding things I'm good at.

The X Games is renowned for creating legends. Who was it you grew up watching at the games, and how did they inspire you?

I always thought it was cool how Dave Mirra could always stand out and, obviously, Mat Hoffman always killed it!

What will be going through your head before dropping into your first run of the X Games? Do you have a pre-run routine?

Obviously, there is a lot on the line, and the world is watching, but I will be constantly telling myself to just enjoy it, and not worry about what place I come or what people will think. If I try to relax and have fun I can ride better. I will have a run planned out -- you kind of have to otherwise you get lost in there.

What's on your pre X Games playlist, can you give us some tracks?

I've been listening to M83 lately. 'Reunion' and 'Outro' are my faves at the moment.

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