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By Brian Vickers

I'm absolutely getting tired of talking about my condition! I've had two good tests already this year, I feel great, and now I'm ready to go racing.

Only time will tell, but I do feel that Kasey (Kahne, new teammate) will bring some experience to the team that Scott (Speed, former teammate) didn’t have. I think we’ll make each other better drivers that will make Red Bull a better team. It’s nothing against Scott, but he just didn’t have the experience that Kasey does. Our approach is going to be that two heads are better than one.

There were times that Scott would bring something to the table that I hadn't thought of, but given Kasey's experience, I think he'll bring more.

Let's be honest: the team didn't have a great year in 2010 and it was difficult for me to see it happen because I have been there since the beginning. I was one of the first employees hired and it was painful to watch them struggle whether I was in the car or not. Although it probably would have been a lot more painful being in the car!

But I am excited and ready to get moving in 2011. When I am in the car next month at the Daytona 500 waiting for the start of the race, the same thing that's always going through my head at the start of a race will be there. I will be thinking, "How can I make the car faster and what I need to do to win?" I'll be ready for that green flag to drop and I am really looking forward to getting going.


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