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By Brian Vickers

Driving in Rome was wild!

It was like racing at Daytona three-wide everywhere I went. What an experience that was! Lanes mean nothing in Rome and everyone drives with this intensity and aggressive style and yet they also have respect. They may honk the horn, drive aggressively and cut people off — and yes sometimes they throw a hand in the air — but there's no held tension and they don't carry the anger. No one wants to get out of the car and fight about it.

And the scooters, man those guys are just nuts! I thought I was crazy, but I mean those guys jump curbs, go down sidewalks, I mean they are all over the map. If you tried that kind of stuff in New York, you'd be in jail, but in Rome that's an everyday occurrence.

When you drive in Rome, you have to commit and that applies to a lot of life, too. When you make decisions, you have to commit and you definitely see it there.

Another part of being in Rome that's great is that no one knows who I am. Well, not exactly, some people do recognize me, but they were few and far between and it was nice. It was good to feel normal — well, I am normal when I’m in the U.S., too! — but to be treated just like any other guy on the street is really great.


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