Travis Pastrana Nitro Circus 3D

Wow, that went by fast. Thanks for joining us for our first-ever Travis Pastrana Week. It was fun reliving some of Travis's classic moments and checking out some new ones in his sneak peeks at "Nitro Circus 3D." Be sure to check out the movie this weekend. In the meantime, here's a look back at some of the week's top stories...

Q&A With Travis Pastrana: Raising the Amplitude

We begin "Travis Pastrana Week" with an exclusive interview. Find out what it's like to jump a Big Wheel between two skyscrapers.  

nullNitro Circus

XL Gallery of Travis Blasting Air

To kick off Travis Pastrana Week and help celebrate the release of the "Nitro Circus 3D" film, we have a series of XL Galleries on deck to show Pastrana's evolution over the eight years he's been part of the Red Bull family. Today, we're featuring shots of Travis in his natural element, blasting air.

nullKlein/Red Bull Media House

Relive: Travis Pastrana: Red Bull: New Year. No Limits

Two years ago, Travis jumped a Subaru Impreza STi a world record 269 feet across Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California. Relive every moment of the prep and jump in these videos.  

nullChristian Pondella/Red Bull Media House

Nitro Circus 3D: Behind the Scenes

"Nitro Circus 3D" hits theaters nationwide Wednesday, August 8. Get to know Travis Pastrana and the rest of the Nitro Circus crew better in this behind-the-scenes video, exclusively on



Big Wheel Building Jump From Nitro Circus 3D 

Nail or Fail? Make sure to check out Travis Pastrana's "Nitro Circus 3D," premiering in theaters Wednesday, August 8, to see if they landed this big wheel building jump.  



Travis Pastrana: 10 Best Moments

Travis Pastrana has seemingly lived his life in front of the camera... most of the time upside-down or in the air. Consider this a scrapbook of our favorite moments... 

nullAgustin Munoz/Red Bull Media House

Travis Pastrana Hits the Conan Show

Travis Pastrana dropped by the late-night talk show to discuss "Nitro Circus 3D" and provide a demo of "Freedom Flyers," a Nitro version of Angry Birds.



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