Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Bosnian national finals of Red Bull King of the Rock were played in Sarajevo

Competitor - Portrait Irfan Redzovic/Red Bull Content Pool

Bosnian national finals of Red Bull King of the Rock were played in Sarajevo. The best streetballers from qualifiers in Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla and Sarajevo gathered to decide who is the best streetballer in B&H. That is who will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at world finals of Red Bull King of the Rock in Alcatraz.

The temperature in B&H was somewhat lower on Sunday, so the concrete at Metalac stadium was not nearly as hot as two days before during the Red Bull King of the Rock Sarajevo qualifiers. However, the atmosphere was equally hot because some “hot-as-hell-streetball” was played. We did not take a look at the biometeorological forecast, but it was obvious that the mood of best B&H streetballers was in the sign of a really big smiley.

This guaranteed that the audience will enjoy in a great show. Tough duels, tied results, many stunning moves and lots of points. DJ Soul added some rhythm to the players, and MC Frenkie entertained the audience between the games with his freestyling.

Arijan Radan from Sarajevo and winner of Banja Luka qualifiers Nebojsa Pavlovic met in the first semi-final match, with Nebojsa making it into the finals. Second semi-final was a battle between Sasa Milosavac from Banja Luka and winner of Mostar qualifiers Marko Lovric. Brilliant Marko’s three-point shots decided the match and Marko is second finalist.

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