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Rajon Rondo: 'Don't Know How I'm Going to Top This Summer'

Rajon Rondo in the Philippines Victor Fraile/The Power of Sport Images

Rajon Rondo, a.k.a. the walking triple-double for the Boston Celtics, has just returned from a quick trip to Asia, where he took in some Red Bull King of the Rock qualifiers and held skills clinics.

"I don't know how I'm going to top this summer," he said. "Asia is amazing. The people have embraced me. I had a great time, everywhere I go people are supportive and fans are crazy. They know the game of basketball. The NBA is a global game and games are televised."

This is Rondo's third year hosting the Red Bull King of the Rock Finals, held on Alcatraz on September 22. This year, there will be 64 finalists from 24 countries, 23 U.S. cities and seven U.S. military bases.

"The competition gets better all the time and it’s more global this year," he said.

nullVictor Fraile/The Power of Sport Images

Rondo checked out Red Bull King of the Rock qualifiers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. He also went to the Philippines even though Red Bull King of the Rock won't hold a qualifier there until 2013.

"I did a camp in Manila," he said last week in an interview with Bleacher Report. "Those guys were pretty advanced, so I taught them a little bit more of my tricks and why I do them."

Rondo said that he's excited about the upcoming NBA season. Despite losing Ray Allen to Miami, the Celtics reloaded with talent and seem stronger -- on paper, at least -- than last season.

"We re-signed Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett so it was a great effort by the organization," said Rondo. "Jason Terry of course, as well. We don’t want to just go to the playoffs. We expect to win."

Last year, Rondo was caught on camera devouring sushi before playing on national TV. Will he adopt a new pre-game meal after this recent trip?

"The food here was great," he said. "A lot of great restaurants. I don’t think my diet will change when I get back to the States though. Sushi was already in my diet, so that won’t change."



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