Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Caleb Hunter makes it rain at the Red Bull King of the Rock FT. Bliss Qualifier

Red Bull King of The Rock 2012 - Atlanta Andrew Kornylak/Red Bull Content Pool

After a day of scattered thunderstorms, the courts dried up and the lights came on and the best one-on-one basketball players from Ft. Bliss competed in Red Bull King of the Rock Qualifier. Fifty active duty military personnel played to earn a spot to compete in the Finals at The Rock - Alcatraz. Caleb Hunter, a 6’ 1” baller from Harlem, NY, and a Military Intelligence Officer at Fort Bliss, took the top prize and earned his trip to The Rock to compete for the “King” title.

Competing in the evening desert heat forced players to pace themselves, and the one-on-one format took its toll, causing players to run out of steam as they advanced through the rounds. The wind picked up, making outside shots especially difficult. In the Final Game, Caleb was matched up against Jeff Anderson a 6’ 4” post player. Jeff employed the tactic he’d been relying on all day – an extremely physical style of play that emphasized his size and strength as primary offensive weapons. Caleb countered with quickness and accuracy from behind the arc. But in order to stop the sheer power of Jeff, Caleb made it rain “3’s” and will try to continue his reign at the finals.

“The competition was tough here today and I know for a fact that I will need to hit the gym everyday to work on my jumper if I am going to be a good rep for Ft Bliss come September 22.” said Hunter.

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