Walshy in Vegas Red Bull Photofiles

In 2009, pro gaming fans have sat patiently, waiting for the return of their self-made MVP, David Walsh aka "Walshy" aka "Captain Clutch." A rift with Final Boss saw Walshy make a move to Instinct in the pre season.  Walshy came under fire when incompatible play strategies relegated the team outside of their customary position among the top three teams.  A final move to Team Carbon was made just in time for the Dallas round of the MLG Pro series.

Accompanied by teammates Naded, Defy, and Shockwave, Walshy finally gave the fans what they were looking for: a challege to both Triggers Down and Str8 RippinCarbon went into the weekend as an 8th seed and went right to work, tossing aside the #1 seed, Str8 Rippin, in a 3-0 route.  After that, all of the top contenders were on notice as Carbon went 11-4 during ranked play in their march to the finals.  The much overdue "Walshy, Walshy, Walshy" chant was back, and Captain Clutch was eager to oblige.

In the finals against Triggers Down, Team Carbon came up short, despite a late rally winning two straight games.  The audience, however, left with renewed excitement about the prospect a three team battle for the championship.  The leagues mainstay superstar was back and ready to create more highlight-reel moments, like those seen here.


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