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Hailing from Australia, Corey Bohan has spent his fair share of time in the air traveling back and forth between his home there and his home in the States. Throw in the contests he attends all over the world, and you end up with one seasoned traveler. Bohan knows how to make his trips more tolerable; read on to see how he deals with his flight time.

What’s your local airport?
Ontario, California.

Total number of frequent flyer miles you have:
A lot.

What countries have you flown to?
USA, Canada, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and of course Australia.

Have you brought any souvenirs back from any of those countries?
Yes, my most recent one was The Stroke Rain Frog from Sentosa Island, Malaysia. It's a wood carving with ribs on its back; when you stroke its back, it sounds like a frog. It's apparently supposed to bring rain. I think everybody who went to the Metro Jam this year came back with one.

What’s your favorite place you’ve flown to so far?
Definitely Hawaii.

Have you ever flown first class?
Once on a flight home to Australia from Narita, Japan. It was a glorious flight.

Do you prefer aisle or window?
I’m down with the window seat. I make my little corner all cozy, build it up with some blankets and stuff and then I have a sweet corner to lay my head and sleep in for as long as possible.

Peanuts or pretzels?
Peanuts for sure. If that flight attendant is dropping by with a cool beverage, I need them to snack on.

"The plane was struck by lightning and the cabin just lit up."

How do you kill time on the plane?
I try to sleep for as long as I can. Once I'm awake, I use either my iPod to listen to music and try get back to sleep or I play a bunch of games on my PSP. That usually takes away a good two to three hours. Eat, watch the movies provided, and try to get to sleep again.

Do you do anything different to kill time on long layovers?
The only massive layover I've had was in Narita for eight hours. I took some sleeping tablets just before I landed and then found a dark corner near my gate and passed right out. I woke up with a bunch of people ready to board the flight. Good times, right!

Is there anything you always make sure you have with you when you fly?
Just the essentials: passport, iPod, toothbrush, some reading material, and my electronic chargers.

If you had to give one piece of travel advice, what would it be?
Don’t pack till the night before. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for check-in and wear something comfortable.

Tell us a quick story about one of the events or places you’ve flown to?
I went to Hawaii a while ago to film and ride. The crew I was with decided it would be rad to rent scooters, so we did and we cut laps all over the island, got into a bunch of trouble, and filmed a bunch of funny shit. I spent more time on the scooters than on my BMX, plus we hit the beach every day after breaky. Good times.

Has anything scary, funny, or weird happened on any of your flights?
Just recently on a flight to Malaysia. As we were on the way down to land for a stopover in Tokyo, the plane was struck by lightning and the cabin just lit up. The plane was grounded for an extra hour and had a full search and repair check. Everything seemed to be working well, so we were back in the air two hours later.

Have you ever missed a flight?
I’ve only missed one and it was my own fault. I was up late and my flight was at 5:30AM; I knew if I went to bed I would miss it, so I ended up just laying down to rest and the next thing I knew it was 10:30AM and my flight was gone.

What would make flying better or easier for you?
If first class was affordable and had wireless Internet so I could check my Myspace and waste a lot of time.


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