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-Hundreds Fill STL’s Old Rock House to Experience One Very Unique DJ Battle–

Thursday night hundreds of party-goers descended upon in the Old Rock House in Saint Louis to witness the city’s top DJs compete in an innovative, international battle known as Red Bull Thre3style. The competition’s triple-genre format kept heads bobbing and the dancefloor blazing during the last U.S. stop before the National Finals in October.

The Red Bull Thre3style experience consists of an eclectic group of eight highly-skilled local DJs, each performing a 15-minute set that contains a minimum of three different styles of music. A special judging panel included DJ Lord of Public Enemy, DJ Spider of Deckstar, STL’s own DJ Alejan, STL Post-Dispatch Music Critic Kevin Johnson and Scotty Mac of Black Science.

Each DJ did their thing, some with more zest for battle than others, a few even had the crowd singing along, but when the needle came off the record, it was DJ Mahf who was crowned Red Bull Thre3style winner edging out Costik and DJ Uptown. After the judges announced the winner, DJ Mahf seemed surprised, but the crowd certainly wasn’t:

“There was a lot of great competition out here and you could tell who was in it for the battle, but DJ Mahf really helped bring out the party-rockin’ at Red Bull Thre3style,” said one crowd member, DJ Qwest.

Competing DJs included: A-Flex, Costik, DeadasDisco, Hugh Tyson, DJ Kue, DJ Mahf, DJ Sinamin, and DJ Uptown.

Red Bull Thre3style is an international DJ battle series. Fourteen qualifying battles were held throughout the U.S. this summer. The winning DJs from Dallas, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, Birmingham, Orlando, Phoenix, Miami, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, and Cincinnati will advance to the National Finals in Denver on October 7. The best DJ in the U.S will win a trip to Paris, France to compete in the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals against the best DJs in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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