Often called the “Valentino Rossi” of Enduro, David is a two-time World Enduro Champion, two-time Grand National Cross Country Champion, two-time Red Bull Last Man Standing, and six-time British Enduro Champion. Hailing from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom, David is also seasoned in road racing, Motocross, and trials. And despite his intimidating record, he’s a friendly chap known for the permanent smile glued to his face.

David was born on May 31, 1978 in the Isle of Man, an island of less than 100,000 people located smack dab in the geographic center of the British Isles. He showed promise on a bike from a young age. The rolling, snaking turns of the island’s Manx hills were his playground growing up and helped to hone his hyper-quick reflexes. As a schoolboy he often boasted to friends that he would be World Champion one day. His self-confidence and focus would ultimately bring his prediction to reality.

After spending 2007 and 2008 living in the U.S., David returns his focus to the World Enduro Championship with the clear goal of winning more titles for his new team, BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Excited for the 2009 season, David says, “Competing for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport team means I have an exciting new challenge ahead of me.” David also renewed his contract with Red Bull. “Being able to continue to work with Red Bull is something that’s really important to me,” he says. “Red Bull has supported me during my two years in the States and knowing that they’re fully behind me on my return to the WEC is great.” David adds, “I know that 2009 is going to be a great year.”


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