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Fresh off of a Red Bull X-Fighters win in London, England just a few weeks back, FMX rookie sensation Levi Sherwood has been burning the midnight oil in preparation for his next big title.

The ASA Action Sports World Tour was touted to be the perfect venue for the kid’s next triumph, but unfortunately for Levi, the only damage done was to his femur and wrist, rather than the event’s leader board.

Equipped with some of the gnarliest extensions in the business, Sherwood was putting on quite a show for the SoCal faithful during the first round of the competition, but unfortunately went down hard after hitting a false neutral in midair.

With a few new pins and screws now holding the damaged bones in place, Levi is putting in some serious couch recovery time for the next few months.

Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery, so keep your eyes peeled for even bigger and better things from the New Zealand native when he throws a leg back over his Red Bull-backed KTM and resumes competition. Get well soon, Levi!

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