Felix Baumgartner approaches Turning Torso in Sweden Bernhard Spöttel/Red Bull Photofiles

“Turning Torso” is the name of Scandinavia’s most spectacular building: it is 57 floors tall (almost 625 feet), stands in Malmö and was designed by Santiago Calatrava. Since August 18th, the biography of the building - opened on August 27th, 2005 - has been one entry richer: Felix Baumgartner used its roof first as a landing surface, then as his starting ramp for a further jump.

It was exactly 6:40am when Felix jumped out of a helicopter, pulled his ripcord and - shortly thereafter - landed on the roof of the Turning Torso, the diameter of which is a mere 36 feet.

Three minutes passed before Felix went for his next jump, this time from the building’s roof. After three seconds in free-fall, “502” pulled his ripcord for the second time that day, landed safe and sound on Swedish ground just a few seconds later, and left the scene of his feat on a motorcycle.

“Landing on the roof with a parachute is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time,” said Felix afterward on the boat to Denmark, “and I did it because they said it was impossible.”


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