Dalhausser Takes It to the Dallas Team Red Bull Photofiles

Saturday's flooding streets and steady rain showers didn’t discourage Olympic Gold Medalists Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser from taking on amateur beach volleyball hopefuls from Texas and New Mexico at Red Bull Spiked. Hundreds huddled under tents and umbrellas outside of the House of Blues in the heart of downtown Dallas to witness the tournament excitement. Jason Williams, Tony Kille, Daniel Lindsey, Wayne Young and Catherine Jansen of Team Skyline from Dallas brought their A-game and claimed “gold”, although no one came close to beating the real Olympians.

“It was four on two, so I figured we’d lose a few matches. These guys have skills! But, I think most were a little frazzled to play us. I guess we showed them some serious beach volleyball,” said Dalhausser, towering over the crowd, soaking wet and all smiles.

Team Skyline’s captain Jason Williams was thrilled with his team’s victory and the few points they scored on the legends. Running through the sand to celebrate, he commented, “Red Bull Spiked has been insane! Just watching Todd and Phil in action is almost shocking. Playing them is surreal. Even in these rough conditions, they showed up big. It really gives you an appreciation for how good they are.”

Of the 72 teams of four who participated, just 16 advanced to the final qualifiers this weekend. The top three teams had the chance to play Dalhausser and Rogers, and the team who was most successful won. Taking second and third, Team Einhorn is Finkle and Team Chuck Norris’ Super Karate Monkey Death Car, also weathered the storm, came to play and put up a strong showing worthy of spots on the Red Bull Spiked podium.

In addition to the tournament madness, Rogers and Dalhausser hosted beach volleyball clinics for more than 120 local Dallas high school kids Friday afternoon. All were star struck, and all had a truly memorable time.



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