Heath Frisby Nick Lavecchia/Red Bull Photofiles

Heath Frisby has as many friends as fans (roughly), and he has his head on straight – which is more than can be said for one of his autograph-hunting fans.

What’s your favorite X Games Snowmobile contest – Best Trick, Freestyle or Knock Out?
Best Trick.

Do you have any new tricks ready for X Games?
The Peyote Flip.

'The best piece of I've advice I've ever been given is to be focused, be determined and keep my head on straight.'

Do you have any pre-event rituals or superstitions?
My pre-X Games ritual is sitting in the motorhome drinking Red Bull.

What’s the most unusual thing a fan has asked you to do?
Sign a baby’s forehead. I asked them if they were serious – they were.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Be focused, be determined and keep my head on straight.

Who’s been your toughest opponent to date?
Joe Parsons [who picked up Speed & Style gold at last year’s Winter X].  

Who’s the first person you’ll call if you win X Games gold?
Keith Sayers [FMX star and Heath’s fellow snowmobiler and close friend].

Which character from Star Wars are you?

If someone made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?
Dane Cook [actor and stand-up comedian].

How many friends do you have on Facebook?
1,600 friends and 1,600 fans – that’s a rough estimate.

See if Heath does it for his friends and fans alike at Winter X Games 14 from January 28–31. Go to www.xgames.com for more


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