Dallas Friday in the Florida Keys Joey Meddock/Red Bull Photofiles

Wakeboarding pros from around the world made the trip to the United Arab Emirates over the weekend, converging on Al Sahil Beach for the first-ever Wakestock Abu Dhabi.

Stop one of the 2010 World Wakeboarding Association’s Wakeboard World Series, Wakestock Abu Dhabi was scheduled to have Men’s and Women’s Pro open events, a Pool Gap event and a boat event. The boat event was scrapped due to high winds, however, replaced with an impromptu best trick jam on the System 2.0 cable set-up.

Using the same heat groupings set out for the qualifying rounds of the boat contest, riders were now competing for a cash prize put up for the three best tricks of the day. Five heats of four riders threw down with a tidy $250 on the line for each of three riders to win. 

null Red Bull Photofiles

Red Bull’s Adam Errington launched the biggest air of the day with a super-smooth Double S-Bend to Blind in choppy conditions. J.D. Webb not only landed a Pete Rose for the first time but also took away some spending money for his troubles, and the one and only Thai rider at the event, Padiwat Jaemjan showed some true cable skills and style with his Tail Grab Front Flip to Blind.

Webb would be victorious again in Abu Dhabi, surviving grueling heats in the Pool Gap competition to come out on top. He delivered one of the best tricks of the entire weekend during the comp: a switch toeside 270 to back lip to gap to front board on the angle-to-angle rails. His Red Bull teammate Parks Bonifay finished in a tie for third place.

Dallas Friday took the win for the Pro Women, kicking off her 2010 season with a great start.

Go to wakestock.ae for more info.


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