Gabriel Medina Hilleman/

Gabriel Medina, the 18-year-old Brazilian dynamo, won the Nike Lowers Pro on Saturday, defeating Ireland’s Glenn Hall in glassy four-foot waves.

Medina, ever the opportunist, didn’t just out-surf Hall, he outscrapped and outhustled him, too, en route to a two-wave combined score of 15.67. Hall, who had a two wave combined score of 10.87, looked tentative and allowed a number of scoring waves to roll through unridden.

“I love Trestles so much,” Medina said. “It’s just such a good wave and it’s one of my favorites, I don’t have words to explain how I’m feeling right now. I’m stoked.”

The Brazilian surfed masterfully all weekend, frequently posting huge scores in the opening moments of his heats. The most highly anticipated heat of the weekend came in the quarterfinals, with Medina facing off against Californian Dane Reynolds in a somewhat wave starved heat.

There seem to be no love lost between Medina and Reynolds. When the two squared off in a no-loser round of 24 heat, Medina took one perfect wave after the next, leaving only scraps for Reynolds and Daniel Ross. Reynolds sent a message on the morning of the quarterfinal by parking his old Volvo in Medina’s parking space.

After taking down Reynolds in the the quarters, Medina defeated Ace Buchan in the semi-finals.

Medina’s victory pocketed him $40,000 and a solid gold spike. Medina will next compete in two days at the Billabong Pro Rio. “I’m going to Brazil now with more confidence and this has been great," he said.




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