James Stewart: Supercross World Champion 2009

Supercross star James Stewart is is about to launch his very own access-all-areas reality show, Bubba's World, on Fuel TV this month.

The 2009 AMA Supercross champion is already one of the biggest names in motocross; now his fans will get an unprecdented opportunity to see their hero up close and personal.

"I thought racing in the motocross world was tough," Stewart says. "But I wasn't ready to have the cameras following me around 24/7. This was a bigger challenge than I thought, but it turned out to be super fun.

“I'm sure my fans will get to see a side of me they've never seen before, and hopefully a lot of people who don't know me at all will learn a lot more about my world and will become fans!"

The series will not only follow the highs and lows of Bubba’s season – currently on hold while he recovers from an injured wrist – but also shed light on the unregimented fun that he enjoys when he’s not on a strict timetable of training and races.

"Having known and worked with James since he was a kid on the racing circuit, it's amazing to see how he's grown into this huge success and commodity," adds Joe Nell, executive producer of the show. "I always knew there was a TV show in James's unique story, and I am so happy to be a part of it now."

The first episode of Bubba’s World will be aired on March 28, 2010 on FUEL TV and some other FOX network channels. For more information, go to www.fuel.tv, and check out the preview below…


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