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Twenty-nine-year-old Brian K. Grubb is arguably the best wakeskater in the world. But is it all too much for him? How does he relax? Or is he just too relaxed? He tells The Red Bulletin's Tom Hall…

His Sport Doesn’t Get Old
“I started wakeboarding in my early teens,” Grubb says, “but around 10 years ago I changed to wakeskating, which is a mutation of wakeboarding in which riders are no longer held to the board in bindings. The excitement back then was that every trick we did was brand new. Now the sport’s as sophisticated as skateboarding but on water.”

Everyone Needs a Plan B
“I was in college when wakeskating started to become more of a full-time thing, but I decided to finish school. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. If I couldn’t wakeskate, I’d have to get a real job. It’s a back-up plan, I guess.”

There’s No Place Like Home
“With the weather, ocean and lakes in Florida, there are great conditions in the backyard all year round. When I travel, it reminds me of what I take for granted. Orlando is kind of the Mecca for wakeskating. You don’t just come here for Disneyworld.”

'Sometimes that convenience food just tastes too good. I ride every day, though, so I don’t need to go to the gym.'

Sometimes It’s All a Bit Much
“I used to have a reputation of falling asleep at the bar. It’s my laid-back nature. While on tour in Canada once, I was the last to step off the bus, I walked up to the hotel reception desk and then realized I was actually in the hair salon next door. I managed to leave with my hair intact.”

Anyone Can Do This
“The thing with wakeskating is that you don’t need expensive equipment, just skate shoes and a wakeskating deck. Cable parks have winches that drag riders around lakes, so there’s no need for a boat.”

He’s Healthy. Unless He’s Hungry
“I try to eat well, but if you’re on the road you’ve got to eat what’s there. Anything from a fryer or a convenience store I try to avoid, but sometimes that convenience food just tastes too good. I ride every day, though, so I don’t need to go to the gym.”

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