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Red Bull/TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda rider Wil Hahn overcame cold, rain, snow and an injured shoulder to finish third in the Salt Lake City Supercross Lites race over the weekend, and that podium spot helped earn him a second-place spot in the series championship.

Meanwhile, Hahn’s teammate Cole Seely looked strong but crashed on the opening lap and had to work his way up from the very back of the pack. He wound up eleventh for the night and seventh overall in the series.

Hahn crashed on Thursday and was still nursing a badly separated left shoulder when it was time for the main event. Knowing that he had a mathematical shot at the title meant that nothing was going to keep him from racing, however.

Hahn grabbed the holeshot and led the opening lap before dropping into second, where he spent most of the main event. Prior to the race, he hadn’t been sure just how his shoulder would feel during the action; on lap eight, he started to find out.

"I wasn't able to charge the way I wanted to out there, but the first half of the race I could at least hit my lines and feel like I was riding okay," said Hahn.

"After eight laps it got really tired and I could barely hold my arm up. I had to lean my head to the side to pull a tear-off. It was bad." Despite the pain and fatigue, Wil hung on to the end and only lost one spot late in the race. 

null Jeff Kardas/Red Bull Photofiles

Seely looked good in his heat race and was prepared to fight for a win in Utah. Unfortunately, he lost his front end while trying to make a pass on the opening lap. The fall put him at the back of the pack and left him with a lot of work to do.

"I actually felt good and I think I could have made it up a little further," explained Seely after finishing eleventh. "A few laps in, I missed a shift and hit the triple in first gear. It was so sketchy. I didn't even come close to making it.”

“Somehow I saved it, but I smashed my face into the bars and I thought for sure I had broken my nose. It took me a while to collect myself after that. Hopefully I can turn things around in Vegas before we head outdoors."

Hahn will decide later in the week if he’ll race in Las Vegas or not. His shoulder is still very sore; if he feels it’s in his best interest to sit out in order to be ready for Hangtown, then he may be watching in Nevada.

Cole, on the other hand, will come out swinging in Vegas, looking to shoot down the very best from both coasts in the Dave Coombs Sr. East/West shootout.


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