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Ian Walsh Needs Some Love

ian-walsh-board Ben Bielmann/Red Bull photofiles

Typically Ian Walsh's surfing speaks for itself. When you ride the kind of waves that he does, and by that we mean the kind that can kill you, it's easy to understand why that's the case. But as of late the Maui native's gotten himself involved in a film project that requires a little bit of assistance.

Here's the breakdown: legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele's new project, Innersection, is asking surfers to submit their own clips online, where they're then published and open to both online viewing and voting. The clips with the most votes eventually make it into Taylor's new movie, which means only the sickest of the sick make the cut. That's where you come in. Ian needs all the votes he can carry.

Click here to watch Ian's clip and vote for him.


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