James Stewart

Supercross star James Stewart has been forced to withdraw from events in Italy and Australia after being stricken by a severe case of food poisoning.

Having taken the US Open in Vegas, the racer flew to Europe for a series of races, starting with the Supercross in Bercy, Paris. He won the first two races, but was laid low with a bad case of food poisoning and could not complete the event.

Stewart returned home to Florida and underwent some routine tests before going back to his full training regime. But the test results revealed his immune system had been badly compromised by the illness and it would be dangerous for him to continue training.

Instead, the world champion has been ordered to take a compete break from training to be certain of being fit for the 2010 Supercross season.

It means he’s unable compete in the Genoa Supercross and Brisbane Super X. “I am really bummed about not being able to race in Italy and Australia,” said Stewart. “The fans are incredible and the race organizations really go out of their way to support me racing. I really wish I could still go but after talking with my doctors and team it’s not in my best interest to jeopardize my health before the long Supercross season starts.”

You can keep up with James on his official site.



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