Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Jad Mbarak was crowned champion of the Red Bull King of the Rock

Jad Moubarak - Portrait Mansour Shebly/Red Bull Content Pool

Jad Mbarak was crowned champion of the Red Bull King of the Rock basketball competition which took place at the port of Byblos. This was the first time Red Bull King of the Rock had been played in Lebanon. Mbarak will represent Lebanon at the World Finals on September 22nd at the Alcatraz Island, where the event is being held for the third year in a row.

The games took place on custom made fields at the port of Byblos where fans witnessed the high level of basketball in Lebanon as well as the remarkable talents of Lebanese young players. The local champion was declared after several one-on-one games with 16 skilled players who qualified during a four-phase selection.

A jury of experts evaluated the competition based on a simple rule: eliminating the looser at each 5-minutes game. The games showcased the high level of remarkable basketball talents of the young Lebanese players. The competition grew stronger as the final game was getting closer and Mbarak finally won against Vincent KHoury.

The local champion also mentioned the extremely difficult challenges at Alcatraz where US players will be highly present.

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