Jamie Sterling in Tahiti Red Bull Photofiles

Big waves are Jamie Sterling's life. It's what he does. From Hawaii in the winter to South America and Tahiti in the summer, the man's on a mission to tackle the biggest surf he can find.

Last week he was rewarded for the effort, taking out the Billabong Pico Alto Invitational. Held in massive 20-foot conditions, the famed Peruvian big-wave surf spot most definitely lived up to its name.

"I've been living the dream for 15 years now, and to win something like this is amazing," said an obviously stoked Sterling.

Bagging a cool $5,000 for the effort, Sterling's performance also put him right in the hunt for the 2010 Big Wave World Tour title. Additionally, Red Bull's own Carlos Burle took third in the Pico Alto Invitational, and is right up in the mix in the BWWT rankings, hungry to defend the title he won in 2009.

After the contest, Sterling hopped on a plane and went off to charge huge Puerto Escondido with a handful of other lunatics. Talk about living the dream…


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