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Like most of his countrymen, Jordy Smith is crazy about soccer. The South African surfer's love of the beautiful game began at age five, and he played soccer to a high level until he was 12 – and we have the pictures to prove it! In the end, Jordy realized even he couldn’t be in two places at once so he chose surf over turf, but he still enjoys a kickabout with his friends whenever he gets the chance.

We put 11 questions to him about the FIFA World Cup and how soccer fever is engulfing the Rainbow Nation.

How are you enjoying the World Cup so far?
The games that I have seen so far have been great... I was happy to see Bafana Bafana come away with a draw in their first match, but unfortunately we lost to Uruguay. I was really disappointed regarding the red card given to our goalie.

Do you think Bafana Bafana can turn their campaign around?
I hope so! It would be nice to see SA move into the semi or finals...

null Jordy Smith in his days for the Team Stella U10s © Jordy Smith

If South Africa goes out, who will you support and how do you think it will affect the tournament for your countrymen?
Possibly Brazil or Germany. South Africans are aware of the standard of play, and as SA is hosting the World Cup most of them will give whoever ends up in the final their wholehearted support.

Have you been to any matches?
Not as yet, as I am still out of the country. But I have my sights set on one of the later matches – I’m hoping to obtain a ticket from one of my club football mates.

From the talent on display, who would make your World Cup dream team?
I would have to say Ronaldo (Portugal), Kaka (Brazil), Tevez (Argentina), Rooney (England), Gerard (England), Drogba (Ivory Coast), Torres (Spain), Messi (Argentina), Robinho (Brazil) and Schweinsteiger (Germany). No goalkeepers though, so maybe I’ll bring back Peter Schmeichel (Denmark). I think that’s good enough. Haha!

Are there any teams that have disappointed you?
Not really! I think it's too early into the matches.

That was diplomatic. What’s your prediction for the final?
Brazil vs Germany. I think they have the best chances, but you never know; there’s always an underdog in sports.

People seem to either love the vuvuzelas or hate them. What do you think of them?
I have been blowing the Vuvuzelas for some years now, so I would have to say yes, I do like them. Besides, they are a part of our soccer culture in South Africa!!!

The Jabulani, Adidas’ World Cup football, has proved very controversial. Have you ever had a piece of sports gear that you just can’t get the hang of?
However one looks at it, there will always be a piece of sports equipment that will not be to one’s liking. We’ve all experienced that.

You’re a soccer player yourself. Do you ever have a kickabout at surf competitions?
Yeah, for sure. I sometimes carry a ball in my board bag just to kick around on lay days at events. It’s good for the legs. I am always looking for opportunities for a friendly match when I’m in SA as well.

Who’s the best all-round good sport on the ASP tour?
I would have to say Travis (Logie), because he never complains and always takes something positive out of every situation. However, I don't get to see many of the others after they lose!

null Jordy lines up for his current team © Jordy Smith


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