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On June 12th 2008 Kevin will attempt to fly higher than any other, against the back drop of the world-renowned New York City skyline and enter his name in the history books by breaking the world record for highest air ever. The current record is held by BMX pioneer and Kevin’s mentor and sponsor Mat Hoffman.

Hoffman first set the record in 1992 by being towed into a 20ft high ramp and soaring 20ft above that, putting him 40ft above the ground. He has since improved on that record several times and the current mark stands at 26.5ft above a 24ft ramp, 50.5ft above the ground. Kevin’s Super Quarter Pipe will be 27ft high, meaning he will have to be 27ft above the top of the ramp and soar over 54ft above the ground to break the world record.

Hoffman was towed in to his jump by a motorbike, Kevin will drop from a 60 foot high specially designed down ramp and into a 27ft high, never before ridden Super Quarter Pipe and launch himself straight up into the air. If successful, Kevin will be flying over 6 stories high, perched well in to the New York City skyline.

This feat is experimental in so many ways. From the construction of the ramp, the speed it will give him, the g-forces on his body and ultimately what will happen when Kevin leaves the top of the ramp for first time. Will he come back to earth safe? Will he own the world record?

Only Red Bull can dream this up! But with the help of the NYC Parks Department, The Experiment is proving to be as big as it gets. Get more information on what NYC Parks is doing to evlove the nature of events here.


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