Heikki Sorsa Adam Moran/Red Bull Photofiles

He’s a top snowboarder, but what if he weren’t? Who inspires Heikki and what scares him? And why can’t he tell us a joke? Let's find out…

1) How did he get into snowboarding? “The main reason I started with snowboarding when I was 13 years old was because I got really bored of skiing.”

2) He prefers the comforts of home: “My favourite ski resort is Talma in Finland. That is my home mountain!”

3) He draws inspiration from many sources: “I had a few idols when I was young – for example: Jussi Oksanen, Kevin Jones, Daniel Franck and, of course, Terje Håkonsen [snowboarding legend from Norway].”

4) As a snowboarder, he doesn’t have to confront his fears very often: “I’m afraid of snakes and spiders. They're just scary…”

5) He doesn’t fancy a desk job: “If I weren’t a professional snowboarder, I think I would work as… hmmm… hopefully, a surfer.”

6) He has a great sense of humor, but he’s bad at remembering jokes: “I love good jokes. There are a lot of good ones – unfortunately, I don’t have one in my mind at the moment.”

7) He’s well looked after: “There have been a lot of moments where I had a guardian angel nearby. Once, in Chile, I landed next to the rocks and got knocked out – that was scary, for sure. I couldn’t feel my arm when I woke up, but I was okay otherwise.”

8) The camera loves him, baby: “Winning contests feels awesome, but just as good is to land a good trick – and it’s even better if it happens during filming.”

9) He doesn’t want all the snow to disappear: “Climate change sucks!”

10) Like Hamlet, he goes to sleep, perchance to dream: “After talking to you, I’m going to sleep and dream of a good season… Bye!”


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