Heath Frisby in Novosibirsk Denis Klero/Red Bull Photofiles

You may know that Heath Frisby is one of the best freestyle snowmobile riders in the world, but do you know what’s on his iPod, what he’s planning for the X Games and how he gets a girl to smile? Find out here...

1) Heath doesn’t play Frisbee. Ever!

2) His favorite TV show is Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus. His personal favorite is watching FMX bikes flying through the air.

3) His least favorite flying object is an airplane, specifically the one he flew in from Georgia one night. It was struck by lightning while Heath was checking in and a crew member was killed. Forget about pulling out massive stunts on snowmobiles - getting on that plane was one of the hardest things Heath’s ever had to do.

4) Perhaps he could have taken a look at the engines. Heath is a gifted mechanic; he does all the work on his snowmobiles – except at major events like the X Games where he gets a little help.

5) Speaking of which, he’s planning a clean sweep at the X Games, aiming for Best Trick, Freestyle and the Red Bull Bridge Gap. But it’s a secret so keep it to yourself!

6) It’s no secret, however, that Heath’s family are potato farmers, and it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about how to spice up a spud. What’s his favorite way to serve them? Twice baked potatoes. Mmm.

7) Heath also has the perfect recipe for relaxing: he likes to go flyfishing with his friends - not to join in, but to sit on the riverbank and drink beer.

8) Speaking of free time, the most played track on his iPod at the moment is Beautiful by Eminem.

9) Heath says the most reliable way to get a girl to smile is to give her flowers. But that’s not a guarantee, adds the 24-year-old, who says he’s still figuring that out himself.

10) His favorite city in the US is Seattle, for its quality of life and big city fun. But ignore the attractions of his hometown of Boise, Idaho, at your peril. “It’s always a blast,” he says.


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