Levi LaVallee Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Photofiles

Levi LaVallee left Winter X Games with two more medals to add to his collection, including gold from Sunday’s Snowmobile Knock Out.

A brand-new event at Winter X Games, Snowmobile Knock Out is a distance-jump competition, with the top spot going (obviously) to the rider who successfully jumps the longest distance. Sort of like Moto X Step-Up in the summer, except it’s on snow, it’s about distance rather than height, and there are far fewer tattoos involved. It’s packed with the same kind of bone-rattling landings, though.

Levi hung tight through four rounds of elimination to advance to the final medal round with Chris Burandt. The longest jump of the day had come from Levi in Round 4, a distance of 157 feet, 3 inches. Burandt landed at 157 feet, 2 inches in Round 5, so Levi knew he could top it.

Rather than settle for a margin of a couple of inches, however, Levi ran it wide open and took his sled all the way to 166 feet, 9 inches to put the gold firmly in his possession. With the two medals he earned in Aspen this year (also bronze in Best Trick), Levi now holds a total of six WXG medals.

For more info on Levi’s gold and the rest of the hardware that Red Bull team riders took home, check the Winter X Games site.


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