Django Unchained Andrew Cooper/The Weinstein Company

Just a few more days remain to enter Red Bull's "Django Unchained" Emerging Artist Contest and win an chance to meet director Quentin Tarantino at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego.

If you haven't heard about the contest until now -- we kicked it off on June 15 -- allow us a moment to explain how this works. We want you to create an original multimedia piece -- a video, a funny GIF, a short film -- using footage from the trailer for Tarantino's new flick "Django Unchained" and/or footage from his favorite Spaghetti Westerns and music (your creation will surely need a score) by a Red Bull Records artist, such as AWOLNATION.

Your film should be no longer than three minutes and it's got to be original. It's got to be fresh and new. It's got be gripping. It's got to want to make Tarantino and an audience of thousands want to watch until the end and then, when their finished with that first viewing, start over and watch all over again.

Yeah, that's right. Tarantino is going to watch and judge every single one of the entries. This could be a life-changing sort of event for you. Dozens of bright up and comers have already submitted. To get going, the first first thing you've got to do is download some source material. Then you've got until June 30 to craft your masterpiece because the next day Internet-wide voting on the best clip will begin.

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