Terry Adams executes the Katrina, named after the hurricane Kevin McAvoy/Red Bull Photofiles

Flatland BMX rider Terry Adams is always on the move, whether it’s a quick in-and-out trip for a demo, globetrotting for an international contest, or hustling up as much promotion as he can for his unique sport.

He’s giving everybody an exclusive look into his personal training sessions tomorrow, via a live broadcast from his private backyard riding spot in Louisiana. Starting at 12 noon PST on Saturday, February 6th, you can catch Terry shredding right here.

It’s always fun to check in with Terry to see what he's got coming up on his calendar, so that’s exactly what we did…

So what’s up Terry?
Right now I’m just chilling at home and preparing for a couple of trips. Next week I zoom over to New Jersey for some Red Bull demos at a corporate meeting, then I head to the Daytona 500 in Florida for a full day of demos for Red Bull on Valentine’s Day.

On the 18th I leave for Guadalajara, Mexico where I'll be a guest judge for the Red Bull Street Style event; I’ll be doing a flatland performance on stage before the event starts as well. Then I’ll be heading to Mexico City on March 3rd to film for a TV show and ride with the locals.

Hopefully after that trip things will calm down for a while so I can train for the JoMoPro contest in Joplin, Missouri, that will happen in the beginning of April. I’m super stoked that they’ve added flatland to their event and can't wait to be a part of it!

How did this live broadcast of one of your backyard sessions come together?
The live broadcast was Francis' idea [Francis Delapena works at Odyssey, one of Terry’s sponsors]. I think he got the idea after watching me ride on the BIG BIG BMX show on my webcam. He asked me if I would be into it and the rest is history.

There are a ton of riders who e-mail me from around the world and tell me that their dream is to ride with me. This is a way they can watch me ride and really get a feel of how I train and session for fun. They’ll even be able to chat with me while I’m riding. I can't wait!

Do you have plans to do more of them? 
I think I’ll do a live session every couple of months.

Terry also just showed up on the cover of a Czech online magazine, scoring a full interview inside, which you can check out right here. Don't worry, there's an English version if your Czech is a little rusty.

Don’t forget, go to www.FlatwareBMX.com/terryadamstv on Saturday at noon PST to see how this pro gets down.


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