LA on Little Wheels:

How to Treat This City Like A Giant Skatepark

Tired of gridlock? Follow the pros in these videos, grab a skateboard and skirt the traffic by cruising Los Angeles on a set little wheels.

LA: The Concrete Jungle

To some, LA is an over-sized concrete jungle exacerbated by its lack of public transit and swelling number of strip malls. To others, it is an endless marmalade sunset of streets, roads and avenues iced with instagrammable palm trees. If you are one of those souls lucky enough to share the latter sentiment with us, it’s probably because you’ve spent some of your time here cruising the city on a skateboard.

Rather than quarantining yourself in a car and cursing everyone’s mother in the inescapable traffic, we suggest you take note from these wise old gents and enjoy LA on a set of littler wheels. You may garner some bruises and broken bones along the way, but from the looks of it, the ride is worth the stitches and scars.

Here are 5 examples straight from the pros of how and where you should do it.

LA: The Skatepark

1. Skaters: Andrew Reynolds, Cory Kennedy, Dakota Servold, Dan Zaslavsky, Eric Koston, Frank Gerwer, gilbert crockett, Grant Taylor, Guy Mariano, Ishod Wair, Joe Brook, Leo Romero, Matt Bennett, Nick Merlino
Notable Locations: Scientology Center, Downtown LA

2. Skaters: Darren Miller and Dave Bachinsky
Notable Locations: Harvard Skate Plaza

3. Skaters: Manny Santiago and Ronnie Creager
Notable Location: Stoner Park.

4. Skaters: Nick Palmquist, Derik Chapin, Øyvind Nissen, Zak Allegri, Kevin (Blanco) White, Dan Wileman, Lil Keenan, Saul Weber aka DJ Curb-Cut, Vitor Borger, Binho Hatman and Marko Jazbinsek
Location: UCLA

5.Skaters: Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero
Notable Locations: Hollenbeck, Lafayette, LincolnPark


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