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This week you can stream the latest from DJ Shadow, get a free EP from Generationals, listen and download the ultimate summer mixtape from Mick Boogie and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Black Milk and Jack White collab on some tracks and find out who Fool’s Gold just signed.

DJ Shadow Gives A Taste, But “The Less You Know, The Better”

The last we heard from DJ Shadow, the West Coast phenom born Josh Davis, was in the form of a teaser EP entitled “I Gotta Rokk.” One could easily argue the release was designed to keep DJ Shadow’s cult following at bay. Since the release of grammatically dysfunctional, sample record breaking, mid-‘90s classic “Endtroducing…..,” DJ Shadow has fed the masses heavy doses of legendary live shows, stunning production work (Unkle, Blackalicious) and, for the cinematically adventurous, even soundtracks.

But after two years of speculation on what his next project may be, fans were getting anxious. As it turns out, his new album “The Less You Know, The Better” is set to hit the streets on 9/5 via Verve Records. The lead off single, “I Am Excited” featuring Afrikan Boy (the M.I.A-affiliated grime MC), blasts through your headphones with the authority of a global club banger. Obviously, we’re excited. This track could be a stylistic marker for what the rest of the album might sound like. But knowing DJ Shadow, audible twists and turns are most likely lurking within.

[Stream via SoundCloud/Island Records UK]

Fool’s Gold Signs Party Supplies, Cubic Zirconia


Fool’s Gold knows how to keep our attention. Everything fun seems to be happening in their neck of the woods of Brooklyn. This summer will be no different. The warped mind of Detroit hip-hop maestro Danny Brown will release his long-awaited album “XXX. The charming French electro-duo Para One & Tacteel are scheduled to release this first EP in years (you can watch them in analog bliss over here). Various singles from Telephoned, The Suzan and Kingdom among others are set to hit the streets.

But wait -- there’s more! The label, ran by partners A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, have added two more artists to the fold. First up is Cubic Zirconia, a trio made up of New York residents Tiombe Lockhart, Nick Hook and Daoud Sturdivant. The group doesn’t run from the type of sexuality their electro-house brand of beats radiates. Rather, Cubic Zirconia’s embrace it, like the aptly titled “Hoes Come Out At Night” off their Fool’s Gold debut “Follow Your Heart” due this fall. It’s music for the opium den; for arousing you, making you dance and disorienting you all at the same time. It’s just as confused as you were in college in all the right ways.

Fool’s Gold has also signed Party Supplies (both Justin Nealis), a copy-and-paste wizard hailing from Queens featured in the video above. Loaded with a quick-trigger approach and an MPC, Party Supplies has drowned YouTube with live videos of him splicing up the likes of Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and more. Expect a more hip-hop oriented sound on his debut release.

[More info via Fool’s Gold]

Generationals Drop Free EP

Fresh off tour with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., an ironically named duo we recently profiled, Generationals are releasing a free EP for download for the price of your email address. It’s not all new -- only one track is -- but the alternative version of an older song and duo of remixes are worth a listen for the fresh-faced listener. After all, when it comes right down to it, these guys are summer personified.

They make the type of music you start a road trip to; the soundtrack to a fun and free summer fling. Generationals are currently enjoying a summer all their own, appearing on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on July 13 followed by a gig at the Echo the following day. Tune in and chill out.

[Download via Park the Van Records]

Mick Boogie & DJ Jazzy Jeff Return With Summertime 2


Speaking of summer, last year Mick Boogie & DJ Jazzy Jeff teamed up on the Fourth of July to bring us Summertime, a mixtape meant for backyard barbecues and big time indulgence. Luckily for us, we can let our summer began because these two mammoths of the DJ scene have teamed up for Summertime 2, a sequel rocking the likes of De La Soul, Stevie Wonder, The Turtles, Pharcyde, Mos Def, James Brown and 40 others. It’s as hot enough to cook an egg on, playa!

[Stream / download via Mick Boogie]

Black Milk & Jack White Release Third Man Sessions


Back in April, rapper Black Milk headed down to Nashville to team up with rockstar Jack White. The session was a surprise to many -- including Black Milk himself -- but has produced two tracks from the sessions thus far (White co-produced both tracks, plays guitar on “Brain” and drums on b-side “Royal Mega”). Black Milk also performed live with his band at Third Man Studios during these sessions. That live performance will be released via vinyl in the near future. #WhenOddCollaborationsBreedHugeDividends

[Stream via Hypetrak]

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