Liars Liars

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Liars Change Directions on “WIXIW”

You’ll listen through the first track, be patient through the second and wonder through the third, “What the hell happened to Liars?” It would seem the group has traded in its guitars for a meandering electronic record, "WIXIW" (pronounced “wish you”). We’re not here to review the damn thing, but we’ve got to wonder -- what's going to happen to the group’s fierce live show? Stream "WIXIW" via Pitchfork and wonder for yourself.

Ty Segall's Grunge-Psychedelic Antics

On June 26, psych-garage rocker Ty Segall and his touring band -- the aptly-named Ty Segall Band -- will release a mini-album via In the Red Records. Looking to thrash your cubicle to mere memo shreds and paper clips? Stream the single “I Bought My Eyes" (via Rolling Stone).

Toxic Avenger Drops Haunting “3, 2, 1” Single

On the first single from Toxic Avenger's upcoming debut album “Angst,” we get exactly what we'd expect from a French producer/DJ. That is, of course, to mean that we get hard-hitting, arena-filling synths in the vein of Justice. It’s a mesmerizing track that could easily disorient the weak of heart. Check out the track at Consequence of Sound, where it premiered today.

PS I Love You Share “Princess Towers” Video

PS I Love You’s latest album “Death Dreams,” which dropped earlier this year, is a youthful collision of broken hearts, punk rock and the signature moves that come along with garage rock. We’re talking some real torn-jean music here, people! And in their video for “Princess Towers,” which premiered over at Noisey earlier today, this Canadian crew is staying true to such roots by releasing a video that easily could’ve been shot in your buddy’s basement. Enjoy!

Kelly Hogan Readies Solo Album

Most singers don’t have the pleasure of having M. Ward, Andrew Bird and the late Vic Chesnutt writing their material, but Kelly Hogan definitely does. On her first solo album in nearly a decade, the Chicago-based singer/songwriter unleashes the chops that have made her a staple in Neko Case’s backing band and recordings. Stream “I Like To Keep Myself In Pain,” which hits stores on June 5, on NPR.

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