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Coming off a weekend where we didn’t think we’d have much to share, it’s exciting to see that our fine and dandy Media Candy column has landed on a day where five -- yes, count ‘em 1-2-3-4-5! -- streams of awesome things are floating around the web.

It got us thinking, “Why don’t we just streamline the whole damn thing, keep our words to a minimum and let the fine people of Internet tune in for themselves?” Yes, we’ve pledged to keep it simple for y’all in this special edition. Two sentence limit! It’ll really give some gravity to our special edition next week, which will feature painfully verbose descriptions of famous 1-minute songs.

Tennis - “Young & Old”

Leading the pack, we’ve got the adorable and dashing husband-and-wife duo of Tennis, whose sophomore release “Young & Old” drops Valentine’s Day via Fat Possum. The album was produced by Patrick Carney (Black Keys) down in Nashville.

[Stream “Young & Old” via Pitchfork]

Fucked Up - “Year of the Tiger” single

Continuing their line of Chinese Zodiac singles, punk operatics Fucked Up dropped “Year of the Tiger” today via Matador Records. To celebrate the occasion, you can stream the new single -- along with the other four Chinese Zodiac singles -- via a handy little widget at the Matablog.

ISLANDS - “A Sleep & A Forgetting”

Tennis’ “Young & Old” won’t be spending Valentine’s Day alone. On February 14, the back-in-action and quite fantastic ISLANDS will release “A Sleep & A Forgetting” on ANTI- Records.

[Stream “A Sleep & A Forgetting” via Vulture]

Royal Baths - “Better Luck Next Life”

Tomorrow, Royal Baths will release their sophomore album “Better Luck Next Life” on Kanine Records. These dudes have a total stranglehold on a dark, brooding Brooklyn-via-San Francisco dive bar psych-pop and we love it.

[Stream “Better Luck Next Life” via Vice’s Noisey Blog]

Frankie Rose - “Interstellar”

On February 21, former Vivian Girl Frankie Rose will release her debut solo album “Interstellar” (available for purchase via iTunes). It certainly doesn’t follow her garage rock roots, but it does sound like what would happen if you filtered the best songs by Echo & the Bunnymen through Rose’s talented mind.

[Stream “Interstellar” via Spin]

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