Tim Lincecum and Bryce Menzies catch some air Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Last Friday, Travis Pastrana announced on Twitter that had found a teammate for the RallyCross event at Summer X Games 18, which kicks off Thursday in Los Angeles. It would be fellow Red Bull athlete Bryce Menzies, the 24-year-old off-road racer. Two days later, Bryce was at the famous DirtFish Rally School outside of Seattle. "Time to learn some moves," he tweeted.

Bryce should be a quick learner. He is used to flying fast and (often) high on dirt. Last year, he won the 2011 SCORE Trophy Truck and TORC Pro2 Champion. A couple of weeks ago, he won the treacherous Baja 500 in Mexico.

"Bryce has a different background," Travis, who has raced rally car for 10 years, recently told Rally World News. "To have someone that’s not necessarily going to give you any slack but someone that’s not going to intentionally take you out, rally is a really aggressive sport, really helps to have an ally, especially if we both make the final."

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RallyCross, which is a raced on short, tight courses with jumps and unbanked turns, was introduced to X Games in 2010. The X Games will be the first RallyCross event of the season on dirt, and a ramp-to-ramp jump will send cars 70 feet into the air.

Travis and Bryce will pilot 600-hp turbocharged Dodge Dart rally cars (photo above) that can go from 0-60 in just two seconds.

They will need every bit of that horsepower because this year's field -- possibly the toughest in X Games history -- also includes eight-time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb and two-time WRC champion Marcus Gronholm.

But Bryce seems excited about the challenge and his new teammate.

“Being asked to team up with Travis for this event is an amazing opportunity," he said. "Travis is such a well-known athlete and the chance to learn from him about a different form of motorsports is an opportunity I can’t be thankful enough for.”

Follow Bryce Menzies and Travis Pastrana on Twitter for more X Games news and updates.




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