Travis Pastrana 02

Tomorrow night, Travis Pastrana will write a new chapter in motorsports history as he attempts to drive a Subaru Rally car up a ramp and into the record books at Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

Number 2: The Rally Crash

With four consecutive Rally America titles, Travis Pastrana is the series’ most successful driver. Starting on the Vermont SportsCar team in 2004, in 2006 Subaru signed Pastrana to lead their Rally America team - his first national championship followed soon after. At the X Games that same year, he beat rally legend Colin McRae – perhaps the most daring rally driver in history – to the gold medal.

But Travis’s most famous moment at the wheel of a rally car (to date at least) was his massive crash in 2005, when he tumbled out of the Colorado Cog Rally. Luckily, Pastrana and his co-driver Christian Edstrom were uninjured in the crash and went on to finish the next rally in second place.



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