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Jordy Smith has had a great start to his World Tour campaign this year, currently sitting second overall. With no Tour events until the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Jordy has flown over to Tasmania, Australia to defend his title at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, the first of five events that make up the Cold Water Classic Series. We caught up with him for a little Q&A...

Are you excited to be defending your O’Neill Cold Water Classic 2009 victory in Tasmania?
Yes, of course. It would be nice to defend my title. Even more so because it was the first of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series.

Tasmania is a pretty rough place, with a pretty extreme reputation. Freezing, windy etc. Do you enjoy hanging out there?
Tasmania is unique. It's not really a rough place, just really interesting. I do enjoy it there, although it does get pretty damn cold!

After the Cold Water Classic you have to rush over to Bells Beach in Australia for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach World Tour event. How do you find the sometimes-hectic travel schedule?
It's not so much the rush over to Bells, but just the general fast-track travel when you are on the Tour. It can get quite relentless at times, with no time to really catch your breath and unwind. Not that I’m complaining [laughs].

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach - a third last year and a second in your first event this year. Do you feel any extra pressure after your massive result at the Gold Coast?
Not really any pressure. I’m just going to take it heat by heat as per my normal program. I have been surfing Bells since my junior days so it’s not really new to me. Bells does have a similarity to Jeffrey’s Bay as well, so all good there.

Your boards were quite clearly going unreal at the Gold Coast. Anything new? Any secrets?
Boards are obviously a key factor in performance. I have just been working on some new designs, with more drive and speed.

Any possible distractions for you this year?
Let's leave that one to Adam and Eve... [laughs]

This year everyone seems to be talking about you, Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. What about Taj Burrow? He has three victories in a row under his belt and is on fire.
I have always respected Taj since I was a grom, so I don't ever underestimate him.

Thanks Jordy, and good luck.
Thanks, it’s a pleasure.

Keep up with Jordy on his official website, or follow him on Twitter. For all the latest ASP World Tour news, check out their website.


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