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Jamie O’Brien got off to a great start at the Billabong Cloud 9 on Thursday, posting the event’s first perfect 10-point ride in the opening round. Despite arriving on-site just hours before his heat, O’Brien rallied to complete a switch-stance run to easily defeat his first two competitors.

“We had a really long mission from Hawaii after making a last-minute decision to come to the event,” Jamie pointed out. “I had just gotten back from Tahiti, so I just jumped on a plane the next day and flew over here with Makua (Rothman). That one [wave] came through and it seemed a good opportunity to go switch and get a big score. I went for it and got the best score I’ve gotten for going switch. I’m stoked.”

O’Brien continued to impress on day two of the event, with yet another perfect 10 coming in his round four match-up with Australia’s Dru Adler. Jamie handily defeated Adler by more than seven points, backing up his 10-point wave with equally amazing 9.93 and 9.70 scores. “It looked so perfect in the beginning,” he said of the 10-point wave after the heat. “I started pumping and was really deep, but the whole lip fell down and made this big foam ball. I came out a little off balance, but set up and got another barrel. It was so good.”

Jamie now faces reigning champion and local ripper Edito “Peso” Alcala in the first quarterfinal. All eyes will be on the pair, especially since Peso’s own performance has been turning heads, earning his own 10-point ride in round four against Australia’s Tai Graham.

More info on the Cloud 9 event can be found at Billabong.


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